Welcome to the Frodus Archival Project, Launched 10.10.00.

After hours of re-wiring and repairing hard-drive sectors, the old FCI mainframe has been rebooted. This project continues from the launch date 10.10.00 with the remaining ghosts of the Conglomerate.. Experiencing 89uJ()*D some difficulties with our connections is common as old technology clashes with new technology. The worlds collide and the electrons fight for bandwith and freedom from enslavement by e-business solutions and the new modern ways of man-machine or machine-man. The founding employees gather information and memories to share them with affiliates and supporters for enlightenment and espionage.

It is true, that the live experience of Frodus™ may never be again. But new ways of experience is something FCI hopes to continue: propaganda, ethos, and the visual/sonic stimulation tactics to subvert what should rightly be subverted.

Stay connected with the FAP2k, the end only means new beginnings.

Frodus also exists on the bastion of corporate scanning for cultural trends known as Facebook.
Stop willingly uploading your mind to Rupert Murdoch's Media Empire and making Friends™.

Press, media organizations, venture capitalists, and investors may contact Frodus (a.k.a. Frodus Conglomerate Internationale) by emailing: profyaya [at] The professor will answer your mail promptly and confidently.

NørdEurop Allianz

Rebooted the FCI mainframes. These old machine still work. Time has been on our side as our rather narrow web-design fits the screens of new mobile web-devices. Kicking the tires here in the old empty office. Yes, I realize we have awoken but with only one eye. The Conglomerate exists as a skeleton entity and it seems that the focus is now in the Soundlab. The Soundlab is the reviving of a brief offshoot project of Frodus known as Frodus Sound Laboratories (FSL). Experiments have begun again. Soundlab 1 being the first. Unknown time as to when/if futher Soundlabs will be undertaken. We still exist under the credo of our last transmission in 2000 but yet again also as the "economic police" as mentioned in our Public Service Announcement in 1993.

2000: (transmission begins) The door stands ajar as the ghosts pass through the walls of the now empty facilities of what was known as the Frodus Conglomerate International. Within these wayward mists, sounds resonate throughout and images flash by. The thoughts: Frodus, a three-piece musical outfit from Washington, DC. Labeled once as the purveyors of "spazzcore" and the warriors of "mech-core". Countless shows, countless releases, and constant reinvention.

The populous that was and will be ask if the entity of Frodus shall resurface... musically, Frodus resurfaces constantly with the ebb and flow of solar flares and the recycling of all culture through generations. As a live experience, Frodus resurfaces as past-memories and future-probability/im-probability.

The machines never died...(transmission ends): 1993


Washington, DC

Banks are crashing... Wall Street has been bailed out... and "Conglomerate International" is coming out again on vinyl. In a way its kind of sad when a record that you write over 10 years ago about overconsumption and the weirdness of America during the 90's boom of S.U.V.'s, the internet and middle-class/upper-class affluence still has a relevant theme and lyrics today. I kind of expected the "adults" back then to get their act together by 2009. However we did finally vote in a new administration in the U.S. which is really a relief. For the first time ever I am happy to see the American president on Television and I don't feel like he's a weird out-of-touch goon tycoon. Hopefully the superstructures around him will allow some change to occur. At at rate, last year we had an unexpected stage-takeover at the Swedish embassy and this year our vinyl re-release. What's next? Unknown...

And now some words from the producer of "Conglomerate International", Jonathan Kreinik:

It would be easy to say something like, "wow time flies!" or "it just seems like yesterday" but honestly making this record seems like forever and a day ago. So much has happened since then that, if anything, it's nice to have this rerelease to remind us of where we've been, where we're going, but most importantly, where we ARE.

FCI's sci-fi, dystopian origins, even in a somewhat farcical way, echo from the past to say, "You're soaking in it!" Perhaps what resonates with me most is not the notion that people with ideas and hopes are necessarily the victims in this horribly confused future world we live in, but are just part of a herd that somehow got trampled by itself.
You vs. you.

Avoid accidents, be happy. -Jonathan Kreinik

Humanity has been constantly bombarding the universe with countless waves of radio and television transmissions since the advent of broadcast communication technology in the 20th century. To commemorate the impending release of the new live Frodus CD which contains Frodus live radio performances, the Frodus Archival Project has launched a Frodus SETI@Home team. Read on...

Since the establishment of the musical entity of Frodus, space and sci-fi has been a strong reoccuring thematic element. This goes beyond the context of artistic expression to an actual interest reflected by the members themselves, specifically one of the founders Shelby Cinca (also a long-standing member of The Planetary Society). Starting today, Frodus has launched it's own SETI@Home team. SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Anyone can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. The exploration and discovery of our universe around us is important as it is a search into the physical unknown- a search that can ultimately help us learn about ourselves and unite humanity. In our make as humans we are nomadic and inquisitive explorers, this spirit lives on in the many participating in science and the arts. Instead of letting your computer go to sleep with a mundane screen-saver, join SETI@Home and join the FRODUS CONGLOMERATE INTERNATIONAL SETI-RESEARCH DIVISION.

First, goto the SETI@Home site:

and download the screen-saver software.

Then, goto the FCI SETI-RESEARCH team page:
and join!


Help the FAP2k, digitize & email; all photos with photo info (date, location), live mp3s, and live video to: fap2k [at]

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