Updated: 10.14.1998

The madness continues.. after being rear-ended in Georgia and into the third show of the Frodus / Refused tour, Refused decided to break-up to the dismay of some of the members that still had the fire to rock. They ended up finishing up the remaining dates of the tour until it brought everyone back to the DC area. Refused ended their punk-rock legacy at a house show in Harrisonburg, VA that concluded with the police stopping the show during the song "Rather Be Dead".

That was just the beginning.. Frodus arrived in Boston with the Frodus van making strange sounds. Upon investigation of this it was learned that a new transmission was needed and the price for this was quite expensive due to the heavy duty quality of the Frod-mobile. That wasn't going to stop the FCI by any means as plans have been made for Frodus to fly out and play all the west-coast dates of the tour! Frodus drove the van home at 40 - 50 mph from Boston to DC to have one week off before the madness continues in Seattle, WA on Friday the 16th of October.

Check out the show listings for the west-coast dates! The mid-west and Canadian shows have been cancelled!

Believe it or not, the Frodus Conglomerate International album has been pressed on colored vinyl by Tooth & Nail! Blue and White marble swirl! Available from the friendly folks at Tooth And Nail Records!

The plans for a Frodus EP on Day After this year have been post-poned until next year.