Frodus has been working hard writing and demoing new material for their second Tooth & Nail full-length tentatively titled "...And We Washed Our Weapons In the Sea". The demo sessions have been at Salad Days Studios, which recently relocated from Boston to the Washington, DC area. The final album sessions will begin at Salad Days in August. The album is due sometime in the Fall and will contain some special surprises...

Frodus will be appearing with new material on the upcoming Songs from the Penatlty Box CD compilation on Tooth & Nail. Frodus will also be on the 'It Goes Without Saying" (Sign Language Records - Seattle, WA) CD compilation with Explosions' 7" b-side "Dec. 21, 2012".

The Frodus website will be undergoing a complete overhaul soon.

The Frodus PO Box in Springfield, VA has been closed. All mail to Frodus must now be sent to: PO Box 248, Arlington, VA 22210-9998. Lovitt Records will begin to handle Frodus mailorder soon.

The new machines, collossal and destructive await their moments of life as the world continues to move faster and time becomes the enemy. The affiliates continued to wait patiently even as they noticed their own surroundings becoming more like wastelands day by day. Barren deserts of a leeched planet extended endlessly, the ground fumed of the eminent potential energy as it stored itself in a compact cosmeg. Within a few days, a notice was posted alerting the FCI employees of the first phase of the new initiative. The new initiative called for a reconstruction of the Frodus mechanisms, a combining of more crude machinery with the remenants of the streamlined that survived past the cataclysms of the 20th-21st centuries. A re-evaluation of the unethical methods of mankind was placed high on the agenda as the world of business was now nothing but salivating vampiric barbarians that wore the tattered cloth of their former uniforms. Choked by their ties, and sick by their appetities- they destroyed themselves or were on the road to such things by their own doing. The Frodus watched and calmly turned their attention elsewhere.