Bullsheet Zine - 2000
Interview with N. Burke

What is the current stock value of the FCI?

Four plones on the ochten. This is good. We are off the charts...never to return.

What is it like being in a bloodsucking mega-conglomerate?

There is no blood. There is NO conglomerate.

What is the current line up?


When is the new album coming out?

When the weather becomes warm again

What's it going to be like?

More powerful. Very Different. Intervention at a much more personal and emotional level. The final transmission.

Will you be touring much this summer?

No. Never again.

The Refused have been called the best punk band of all time or the most innovative, what was it like touring with them?

Great band. To quote Roadside Monument... "Egos the size of Cathedrals". Still, they will be missed.

You have a much similar sound to The Refused and I say you are equally as innovative. How come you don't have gobs of coverage and hype?

Ponies rule this planet. What can you do?

Why did you leave Tooth and Nail right before you were supposed to release the new album?

To confuse all. Ourselves included.

What label do you think you will release your new album on?

Cheers. At the moment it looks as though MIA wants to do it. Check back...

There's this guy Stu who lives in the same town as me and he has been brainwashed by your corporate propaganda and now proudly displays the FCI logo for all to see. How long until your come to Canada to brainwash the rest of the hockey watching fools?

The record contains the message. It is one of love and passion in the face of adversity. Those who want to hear it will. Others will continue to believe what they want to believe. What's wrong with hockey?

If you could play with any 3 bands ever, what bands would you play with?

Joy Division, King Crimson, The Smiths.

How long till the masses see through your clever ploy of world domination by invading the depths of pop culture?

I don't know what you are referring to.....(ie...never)

End of transmission.