The door stands watching, cause inside there's a view of the shopping mall outside. It is the chancellor of the Frodus Conglomerate-- it is his office. I was there once and he not happy. He was not. He gave me a bonus with one stipulation-- that I would write you on behalf of all of us employed by the Frodus Conglomerate. This is the Frodus Talk. At long last, we are talking.

A crust of local merchants line the streets of every mainline city in this nation and in the nations surrounding.

Underlying this "simplified-for-the-simple-minded" method of bringing in some sort of personal or corporate income in the midst of economic collapse, lurks the Frodus Conglomerate. Of course, we all go home at 5:00, as does the minions of corporate America. In this sense, the Frodus Conglomerate differs very little from large stockholders such as IBM , or Cheverolet. IN another sense, the Frodus Conglomerate shares a bond with the common New York fruit vendor. So, then the Frodus Conglomerate becomes a unique economic installation, upholding the proper ethics of a small business while prosessing a virtually boundless harbor of resources.

This commutes to us a great responsibility. We at the Frodus Conglomerate acknowledge the unethical and reprehensible methods utilitzed by big business pusheads to stamp out the blue collar worker, the small businesman, and the artisan, or, in other words, the common workforce. Our responsibility is to closely scrutinize the actions of every large corporation in America, to evaluate the efficacy of these actions in promoting the ambitions of the common workforce, to monitor the vitality of the common worrkforce, and to punish those who would monopolize America. We are the economic police.

Our oracle is "Frodus", the tick in the long, stringy hair of rock n' roll.
The Frodus Conglomerate is hesitant to punish, but where it must, it applies the questionable ethics of big business on big business. Viva la Americana.

Other Frodus Talk will ensue. Please check back here or write to:

The Frodus Conglomerate International

Other than the stamps, it will cost you, the American laborer, nothing.

< written by Prof. Jim Cooper of the FC circa 93 >