Frodus: And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea
LP released 2000 on Day After Records (CZ Rep)
CD released 2001 on Fueled By Ramen Records
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Red Bull of Juarez

Move on down . Move on down . The road goes on for miles . We can drive . We can spit . The wind will mark our words . I'm left for dead now . I'm left for dead right now . We're left alone now . We're left alone right now . Teach me Texarkana . A tour with no words . The weapons drawn . Rock n' roll is war . We looked away from ourselves . Our vans die . I don't care

The Earth Isn't Humming

I hear these times are the end . And another one must fall down . I don't think I believe it . When another one must fall down . Give us the distance . And another one will fall down . The sun in the open sky . Fall down . Stare back into my own eyes . Fall down . A stranger in my own skin . Fall down . One decade later . And another one must fall down . The earth isn't humming . I watched them all fall down . Fell into the sound in front of me . Unchanged by those around . Directionless . An open sea . We'll watch as time tumbles down

There Will Be No More Scum

I awoke dead . The sun now faded . It's laid out- the monorail . I awoke dead . Torn away from my warmth . Progress of science . Put to work to destroy . For diplomacy . Stupid human scum . Insect gods . Territorial and pissing . On their history . Put to work . Taste the venom of the wicked . In my axis I splinter . Ground to dust . I still see what you don't . I awoke dead . The sky filled with bombs

Out-circuit the Ending

Feels like all our days were stolen . Waiting for the bombs to start falling . Born without wings . Drawn to fight . Drawn to win . Drawn to be erased . Chainless . Undying . At least I'm not innocent . In the dust of the least design I will take to the sky . Passion replaced by strategy . Your stained glass heart yearns for it . An open door somewhere waits for me . Your arms are strong but they do not find me

Chiriacho Summit

Sun setting . A distant hill . Hurl bottles at the horizon . A water tower bleeds from the heat . Can the sun guess my reaction . No retreat . Not even in sleep . Faced with a new direction . Take that step . To the night . Beyond all that has created you . Debt . Empty stares . Strike back with the hate of a young man's heart. Sing what you don't dare . I'll meet you there . Wear the sunset in the end

Belgian Congo


The Awesome Machine

The machines never died . The recurring threat of technology can be used to confine populations . It's not a reason to reject it all . Just the minds who abuse the knowledge . Saw it once in a dream . Buildings extend . Mankind the sea . It'll happen- culture mesh into one . See it now as we open our eyes . We will traverse the empty season of now . We will be vindicated


We could disappear in echos . We could disappear in the live of those we love . I thought hope was lost . I tried not to look back . Haunted by darkened thoughts . The void drew me closer . Until we are brought back . By the lives of those we love . Hope was lost . I closed my eyes

Hull Crush Depth


Year of the Hex

Wicked and twisted . See through the eyes of the far more sinister . Unfold to face the wolves . This day I cast no shadows . Something unseen always a step behind me . Black tears cannot be divided . Beat them at every turn . Nothing burns like a hurt for money . Trade love / life for dividends . In the end inherit nothing . I wish pain upon this city . Old word hold no meaning . I unfold to face myself . Laugh at those who laugh at the dead . The night air chokes through ghosts of businessmen . "Do not sell all you are for all you think you see, my pretties" . There is no final word . As long as you breathe . There is no final verse . As long as you live...

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