Frodus: Conglomerate International
released 1998 on Tooth & Nail Records
Archivist: Stu (

Intention: Removal

The removal of the fist. It caused an outrage... everyone flailed each other. Except for the passive - who watched. Tribal reactions from the tested, who forgot how to show aggresiveness. Removal. So their lives became mundane to them. And like they were linked to one mind - they followed themselves to the next trend of walking off bridges.

The Misaligned Men of Flomaton

Shun the shunned. Join humanity today. Drown out to numb skin. The mind is off. Conscience has died. Normalcy and goodness. Everyone will throw parties on weekends. Living in your own world sometimes isn't bad. Seceding isn't planned. Many have been for years. Time to start a new union - with silent pacts and unspoken law that mean anything. That's alright, it's okay.

Invisible Time Lines

Everything is dated. Nothing will avoid time. I'll make a humonculus - and become him. It would be nice to observe a long line of history. But alchemy doesn't work. but maybe the joke's on us. Control is always automatic. Feel good about being lucky. Not even luck. Placed strategically. Invisible.

Deviant Recovery Network

Communication can be awkward. And headaches bring on strange states. Not speaking is enough to hear. Silence is not reality. Reality is not speaking. Not knowing why my gaze is fixed. I think I'm just annoyed. Let us chat and then emulate. I'm going to explode. I want you to explode.

Chrome Corridors


Down With Flames

Pages full of empty words of every non-action and its reaction. Pile into coffee shops to talk about yourselves 'til something clicks into place. Empty pages full of words. The news of the day or lack thereof. Space out your thoughts so they don't hit you all at once. What you hate and what you become. This road is paved down with flames.

Transmissions of an Unkown Origin


Explosions (by Devo)

We like explosions. We like explosions that leave you fealing good. We like ideas that change the world for good. There's nothing: past the stop 'n go, but the ebb and flow, like some in and out, more than what you know. Yes (we like) o yeah (explosions). We like new places that jets can't take you to. We do like music when it does what it should do. We like explosions it's only right we should. We like ideas we thought you understood. We like new places until they're overrun, we do like music - loud shots from the big spudgun!

Last View

I step out in the road to feel the cool beneath my feet. I wonder if they will stop for me or if they'll ever come at all. The city stretches out beneath me, a reminder to a generation raised without stars. I hear the engines roll up and I know they are for me. So sucking my last free breath of re-invented air. Here's your freedom, "do what we say", a stolen gift from a politician. Deletion: directive of chrome.

Drone Academy Fight Song

Drone academy, class of 1994. 200 years shy of revolution. Same mold, different name. Here's a list of chords you're never heard. Same school, different name. Same fools, different names.


Seen everything and nothing. Under shielded lights. I watch myself, try not to feel. I've falled off the wing of the plane. Destination: nothing. Heads are up. We are just left. I step into limbo. I am just left. Test at a clinic. Immunization sucks when you're thinking of invincibility. Make the reservations. One nine nine nine.

The Day Buildings Mysteriously Vanished



I want to disconnect my head and throw it into the beyond. So I won't stagnate. Being stuck in the grinder of success. Happiness is a plastic toy. It exists though machines. It wasn't always like this. Happiness is... Humanity can bore itself. Crazy is everybody. Create our own problems, something to do. You vs. Them or You vs. You.